Hi! I'm Courtney Gibby, the mother of three beautiful children and a wife of eleven years. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been styling hair for eighteen years. As a cosmetologist I studied skin care as well and have always love it. So, it was a no brainer to become a consultant for Rodan+Fields.

Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, I loved to sunbathe at the beach and rarely remembered sunblock. Because of that I now have sun damage that I never realized I had. Now, being in my mid-thirties, I really notice it. I have also experienced pregnancy mask with two of my pregnancies, which is a nuisance, and I've wanted to be rid of.

I was always committed to taking care of my skin at a young age. I started using cleansers and moisturizers at the age of ten, but after my second child I just didn't make the time and started buying basic, off the shelf brands at the drug store, and now my skin is a mess.

I am so happy to have found these amazing products and to be able to share them with you. I'm already so impressed with the results I'm having and can't wait to see how pretty my skin can be!


Are you interested in becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields?

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by calling her at 310-855-4516
or by email at Courtney@PrettyFaceProducts.com

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Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields founded Rodan + Fields®Dermatologists in 2002 to extend their vision of bringing dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone.

Originally available as a top-selling clinical skincare brand in high-end department stores, the company realized the Doctors’ vision could never be fully realized when confined to the department store counter.

In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling. And today, there are numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve.

The power of the individual, combined with Rodan + Fields’ brand legacy, clinically proven products and a proprietary systematic approach to independent business management, makes Rodan + Fields an opportunity like no other.