My second week!

Okay, so here goes…I’m posting pics of my skin so you can see the changes in my skin as it progresses. I’m a bit nervous to do this, a close up of your skin seems like such a personal thing and it's truly scary to see your face THIS close!

I have been using the Reverse (for brown spots and wrinkles). I started with that because I’ve had this annoying brown spot on my cheekbone that has bothered me for a few years! Also, my nose is pretty bad too. I have noticed that my skin already is so much smoother in texture and my pores look smaller. The brown spots even seem to be lighter already!!

I’ve also used the Macro exfoliator (personal microdermabrasion machine) twice and I used the Micro exfoliating roller every day on my forehead, neck and smile lines. I can’t believe the difference the roller makes! My fine lines on my forehead have seemed to almost vanish. I have a ways to go, but definitely a great start!

I went to a birthday party the other night and I was talking with a women I’d never met before. She asked me how old I was and when I told her 36 her jaw dropped! She said to me but you look so young, you have no wrinkles, so of course I told her it was because of R+F products. 

I’m going to continue the Reverse line and then try the REdefine (for wrinkles) in a few weeks. I'll post my progression pics in a couple weeks.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon.


Courtney GibbyComment