Bride World

This weekend my friend, Sherry, and I were able to be a part of a bridal show. It was such a fun and busy event! It was a bit last minute when we decided to be a part of it, so we and Coltan were busy creating signage and preparing for our beautiful display. Coltan did an amazing job editing a video for us and putting together posters for us, thank you Coltan! I stayed up till 3 am the night before getting everything ready.

I was up early the next day and feeling so nervous and nauseated hoping everything would go well. Sherry picked me up and we headed to Pasadena for the show. We were able to find our booth easily and start setting up. We really wanted to make it nice so we had flowers, offered spa water and candy. It was so nerve wracking just waiting for the rush of brides to come in! Finally 10 am hit and they opened the doors. We had a great time introducing so many people to the products! We even had someone, who said they are a Preferred Customer, come over and told others how great the products are, which was really great!

We had an amazing time meeting so many people and helping them learn what products would be best to transform their skin into the best skin they could have for their weddings. It was a huge success and thanks to Sherry for making it happen, but boy were we tired and hungry after!

Courtney GibbyComment